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“Artistry is always an exploration, so trust your choices and your gut.”

By May 10, 2021May 11th, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

 Your script or sides are more like a treasure map than an instruction manual.  It’s your responsibility, as an actor, to bring the character to life off of the page.  This means layering in aspects of your personality and personal experiences, combining them with imaginative exploration, and inhabiting the body and life of your character as described.

Exploring your character’s mental and emotional space can lead to unique discoveries about how you will inhabit your body and space, as the character.  We call this the behavioral life of the character.  Once you’ve explored the emotional life of the character, you’ll begin to understand what makes him or her “tick;” the behavioral life of the character gets to inform what that “tick” looks like in character.

When you rely on your own personal experiences and imaginations in bringing your character to life, it becomes impossible for anyone else to replicate your performance because no one else is YOU, with your life experiences, and your unique imagination.

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