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“Always remember your heart is your Power Pit.”

By April 19, 2021May 11th, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

Your acting profession welcomes every experience you’ve ever had.  From happiness to horror and from desire to disaster, you get to explore your experiences and use them to catapult you into your work.  As an actor and an artist, you must exercise your natural curiosity and creative expression toward yourself and your experiences to get to the heart and soul of the characters you embody, the emotions they experience, and the circumstances they face.

Your every experience creates the fabric of your outlook on life and informs your entire being, one way or another.  Acting is a deep, layered, and even therapeutic process if you let it be.  Through your art and artistic process, you have the ability to transmute your pain to power.  It is healthy – not to mention artistically impressive – to infuse your work with the genuine experiences you have had.  Practice confidently coloring your characters, relationships, and circumstances with your authentic self and watch your work come into full bloom.


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