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As an actor, you’re in a balancing act:  on the one hand, you’re the only you this world has, and that makes your performances and contributions purely invaluable!  On the other hand, you, as an actor, are just one small piece of a gigantic puzzle that is the production (and marketing, and publicity) of bringing emotions, character, relationships, and story to life.

Passion comes easier when you have your purpose clearly laid out before you.  Ideally, this collaborative storytelling effort changes the lives of those who encounter it.  Or your purpose may extend even further.  Your ultimate end game may be to make enough money to start a non-profit.  Maybe you seek to have the free time and flexibility of schedule to give of your time in ways that you previously couldn’t afford.  Spend a little time to clarify what prospect of success makes your heart sing the most, and then relentlessly invest yourself in its actualization.  The world needs you to live out your purpose!

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