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Monday, March 12th, 2018

One of my dedicated students, who shall remain nameless, came to me last week to coach her for an audition. We spent an hour breaking it down, making every beat specific, and even adding in some simple, but needed behavior to make the scene more three dimensional. She left our session super pumped and prepared! But then, when she arrived at her appointment and entered the room, she felt rushed.

Before she even started, the person running the camera told her to not move at all. They ran each scene into each other without giving said actress a breath. She did what was asked, but felt she didn’t get the opportunity to flush out the character as planned. The outcome was tears.

She called me hysterically crying, “I didn’t keep my power. I didn’t ask for what I needed. I wasted my money coaching. I am so upset!”

I responded, “You can cry, walk away, and beat yourself up, or you can take a breath, calmly walk back into the office and ask to do it again.

Well, guess what? They said she absolutely could! This time, they allowed her to do her behavior, to take her moments, to tell her creative story and she booked the role!

So, lovely actors out there, take care of yourself at your auditions. It’s your time. Ask and you shall receive.



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