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Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes.  It can appear out of nowhere and take you everywhere.   Like art and creativity, it’s not easily defined or captured.  It can come from a sweeping tale of success by a famous star you don’t know or a simple pat on the back and kiss on the cheek from your Mom. You might hear it in the cry of a baby, the roar of an audience, or a little tiny voice in your heart in the middle of the night. Inspiration may be born on the wind but it’s solid as a rock.

We all need inspiration to keep us going toward whatever our dreams may be.  I know a remarkable young artist named Jordan Scheffer of Asheville, NC, who has inspired me since the day she was born – which was at just 26 weeks.  She was a micro-preemie and there were times when it didn’t look like she would make it.  After many months of high-oxygen incubation, Jordan’s retinas were damaged beyond repair and she grew up blind.

But inspiration called her to music and today Jordan is an accomplished vocalist, percussionist, pianist and writer. At the age of 17, she was a Finalist at the famed Amateur Night at the Apollo in Harlem.  At 18, she won the Blind Idol Talent Competition with contestants of all ages from around the US.  Today, she’s a junior at UNC-Asheville and performs with the Afro-Percussion Ensemble. And for good measure, she speaks 4 languages.

My good friend Jordan, blind and barely 4-foot-9, just released her 1st studio record. Give it a listen.  And be inspired by what inspiration can do.

Until We Try - Spotify Playlist - Jordan Scheffer

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