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“A healthy body and healthy life means a healthy career.”

By January 11, 2021January 25th, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

“A healthy body and healthy life means a healthy career.”

It seems like right now everyone is revising their health habits.  It’s the time of year where we have a collective opportunity to design new goals and ways of being for ourselves.  As we implement our changes, let’s challenge ourselves to allow a fair amount of time to pass before evaluating whether the changes are working or not.  Let’s give ourselves the gift of practicing trust of the process, even if just for the first month or two.

Do something for your health and wellness every day, consistently, and let it be enough – whether it takes 30 seconds or three hours.  If you enjoy planning, maybe write out your health-related commitments for the week, or select one thing to repeat every day for that week.  If you’re a spontaneous type, perhaps randomly select an action from a premade list or draw your action of the day from a hat or jar.  The point is to make a daily habit of tending to your health and wellbeing.

Leading a healthy life is about more than just procuring a healthy body.  A healthy life also includes a healthy mind, healthy emotions, healthy sleep habits, healthy stress levels, healthy self-image and self-talk – the list goes on and on.  Take inventory of wherever you find yourself.  What is the best way for you to care for yourself at this point in your life?  Which specific type of health needs your attention most right now?

Small steps count, and day by day, we build momentum.  As we establish repeated habits to become routines, they become easier and easier to incorporate and perform on a regular basis.  They become the habits and structures that support us as we grow our careers and pursue our life purposes.  Having a healthy career depends on the healthy habits, standards and boundaries we build in the other areas of our lives.

Moving the body can initiate movement out of stuck-ness.  Monitoring caloric intake shows us how to monitor what we’re over- or under-consuming in other areas, too (resources, information, energy).  Providing our bodies with ample time for sleep can catalyze the desire for a rhythm of rest to enter into our lives long-term.  Lifting weights teaches strength and balance.  Running teaches discipline, persistence and mind over matter.  Each of our lives is full of such lessons.  It’s time to let the healthy life habits you’re building lead you to the healthy career of your dreams.

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