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“A good audition day starts with being on a positive path – every day.”

By April 26, 2021May 11th, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

Taking care of yourself and keeping your instrument in excellent working condition is part of your job description; even on the days that you don’t have an audition, you are still a working actor and your job is to take excellent care of yourself and stay on the positive path in mind, body, spirit and craft.


As the industry opens up more and more each day, consider the things that have helped get you through the pandemic, and perhaps even consider implementing some of them into your “new normal.”  Have you developed a new morning routine you love, or a reliable self-care ritual that will serve you whenever you need some TLC moving forward?  If you have enjoyed exploring and discovering new things about yourself that you may even be able to use in your character work, consider working some “me time” into your weekly schedule to continue making those types of discoveries.  Take some time to identify and reinforce the healthy practices you already have that keep you on the positive path in life, and especially between auditions.

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