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Celebrate what makes you… YOU!

As actors, we know that in this career, we have to be fully exposed to our emotions. That way we can fully express the storytellers we are. We are extremely encouraged to find what makes us stand out from the rest. What makes us unique? What makes YOU unique? Being in tune with that only keeps our craft growing stronger. “All the quirks you’ve spent years trying to hide are actually your superpowers; they’re what set you apart. They don’t make you better. They don’t make you worse. They make you you, and only you can be that.”- Oliver Stark

When going into an audition, think to yourself “I laugh like this, “I bite my glasses”  tap into your inner differences and what makes you stand out, in the end, the main character will laugh like you, or wear glasses like you What you bring to the table will be authentic and intriguing. 

Our individuality can help create the best characters we see on screen, different traits that others can relate to. Expressing your uniqueness isn’t just for on the screen, it is something you should be showing all the time. It will shape you to be the best actor you can be.

Use them to your advantage and create a character that will forever be unforgettable, here at Shari Shaw Studios, we encourage your quirkiness and apply it to your work. Let’s get started and find the right class for you here!

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