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$290 for 3 consecutive classes

Welcomes to Shari Shaw Studios!  This class introduces you to our process and the Shari Shaw Technique.  First week: The comedy worksheet and class participation.  Week two: Drama work sheet and Shari Shaw’s Seven Steps to telling the most exciting and detailed story.  Week Three: Introduction to ‘affected memory work’ and day-in-the-life-of-character work.  Boot camp is small and focussed group to better give you the tools for success.


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First Day:  Learn The Shari Shaw Comedy Method

We get right down to work in this on camera comedy class teaching professional actors how to specifically prepare for their comedy film and television auditions with ease.  You get the needed steps to ‘finding your funny,” adding your “isms’,” being free in the work, having fun and booking like crazy!

Second Day:  Learn The 7 Secrets to Detailing and Visualizing Your Dramatic Film & Television Auditions

We continue with on camera work as we guide professional actors who want to dedicate themselves to the process and be bold/free in their choices. Put your secrets and sexuality into your work, telling a clear cut story with emotional detail into every line that you say.  We take you away from getting stuck in the lines and guide you to create images that will free you from getting “into head.”  Shari’s Effective Memory Work adds layers to the life of your character.  Our goal for you: be the most creative and riveting story teller that you can be while always being truthful to each moment.

June 18th – 22nd
Cost is $575 for the Week

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June 4th – 9th
Cost is $2400 for the Week

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